This limitless all-inclusive St Maarten resort is a spectacular “destination within a destination”, offering endless activities for your enjoyment and relaxation. One large Oasis pool and kids pool, four tennis courts, a lively children’s program, an array of water sports, five restaurants & bars including a swim-up pool bar, a casino, a nightclub and much more. The Maho experience is a complete one; you will play, relax, shop, and dine. With so much to do, you may never leave the resort!


Dutch St Maarten - Beach
Saint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles Juliana (SXM)

Property Information

Last Renovation: 2018
Accessible rooms: 2
Floors: 9
Total rooms: 416


Resort Details

Onsite Dining

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Hotel Advisories

Advisory Sonesta Maho Beach has advised they are undergoing final stages of the their renovations since re-opening this year. The following areas are currently closed for renovation: Floors 9 and 10 due to room updates, Steam room/Sauna, Teen Zone, Rainbow meeting room, Maho Café, logo shop, and Maho Gym (guests have access to new fitness center next door at Sonesta Ocean Point). Please note completion dates of the above areas vary and are subject to change at any time without prior notice.
Advisory Sonesta Maho Beach has advised their new sports courts will be opening in Late Fall 2019. Please note renovation completion dates are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

General Policies & Fine Print

Check In: 3:00 PM
Check Out: 11:00 AM
Minimum Check-In Age: 18
General Policies:

Check-in Policy - Hotel requires a credit/debit card authorization or cash deposit upon check-in for incidentals; this will place a hold on your funds.

Convention Policy - Individuals attending a convention cannot book this property for their stay. If found attending a convention, guests may be subject to higher room rates upon arrival.

Hotel Spring Break Policy - This hotel cannot guarantee a spring-break-free environment.

Transfer Policy - A price may display when children stay free, if your vacation includes transfer to your hotel.

General Information - Room taxes and service fees are included in vacation price.  Minimum night stay restrictions may apply.  Reservation changes may not be permitted unless authorized by the hotel.

Pet Policy Pets Not Allowed

Customer Ratings & Reviews

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

3.5 star tripadvisor rating Based on 4497 reviews
  • 2.0 star tripadvisor rating
    Service is terrible and things STOLEN!

    I was really hoping that the bad reviews were not true- unfortunately it was all true- the service was HORRIBLE!- Let me point out before I start with all the bad- Let me say -Hotel is new, check in was fast, hotel is clean and room was nice, no elevator issues and beach was amazing! NOW for the bad- 1- trying to get a beach chair with umbrella- virtually impossible and when you got a beach chair- there was a very rude staff member that would start taking them off the beach at 430 even though we had till 6 and god forbid you still had a chair at 6- he will make you get off so he can take the chair. 2- they ran out of liquor- not entirely but if you were drinking one particular thing- you would have to choose something else because they ran out of what you were drinking. 3-Food service slow slow slow- the staff wouldn't even attend to us at times and they were also arguing with each other. They also had such a nasty attitude towards us- we could not believe it- we would just have to get up and get out own water and soft drinks while everyone else got served. We felt invisible. This happened multiple times. 4-The reservation kiosk was a joke- I had to harass client services rep just to get 1 reservation at the Point restaurant- food was good - but not worth the hassle because the next day I was able to walk up and ask if we can be seated and we were. The food was decent at all restaurants I was able to go to. 5- Room was always clean but we didn’t get refilled with water our last 2 days there, one day we did not get fresh towels and the ones we had were taken- leaving us with one towel for 2 people- no one answered the front desk so we ended up having to share that day (not happy) – we told the front desk and they sent someone and the ac stopped working on another day but at least the staff came and fixed the issue the same day but we lost sleep because it was so hot. 6-The last day of our stay- my friend and I left some of our things on the beach chairs that are not directly on the beach but on the top portion where the bar was-- we left 2 bathing suit wrap arounds and 1 UV shirt- ALL 3 ITEMS WERE STOLEN- we had left the TIED to the chairs and went to the bar for about an hour waiting for the rain to stop- and when we came back our things were STOLEN- we went to customer service/reception and they asked "security" they stated no one turned it in. The staff never got back to us about our things, so basically we were out of luck- I have traveled for the past 10 years and I have never had these issues at any hotel I have traveled to. I do want to say there were a few staff members that were helpful- Raysa and Jason the bartenders from the Palms grill Eddie the bartender from the Lobby bar -(works last shift) Daytime bartender from the point bar (cant remember his name) Diana - waitress from the palms grill In conclusion - this hotel would be great if the staff would get it together but right now its not good at all.

    Jul 18, 2019
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    We left a day early - this place is a dump!

    Do yourself a favor and do not book this hotel! I booked a 'nice' rate before they opened, which unfortunately locked me in, so I was stuck, learn from my mistake. The highlights - Check in was relatively easy. At the end we were happy to be on the second floor as the elevators take roughly 30min, and we could walk up to our floor. Check out was poor, we begged a concierge to assist so we could get out of there as the line was out of the door. No water, I'm talking toilets, sinks, everything but the pool. Now that I think of it unsure how employees were washing their hands to cook food etc. The staff seemed to have 3million different stories about what was going on with the water and management never addressed the issue. Gross! When there was water, the shower essentially flooded the bathroom because there is no real wall or curtain. My husband didn't believe me because he showered second, he came out a believer! Speaking of the food. Horrible! We were supposed to be on site for three nights. The first night was the worst beach bbq I have ever attended. Chaos, not enough tables, no silverware to be found, good luck with sourcing water. The food was spread out, so you had to stand in line for 20min to get a piece of baked (not bbq) chicken, then more time for ribs. By the time we sat down with our cold food, there was no sides left! We were 'lucky' enough to get into the restaurants for the next two days, but those were just as horrible as the buffet, basically slop. What ever you do, do not expect food quickly anywhere, have a snack in the room before heading for a meal. Lines are very long for everything, in the direct sun. I mentioned to my husband that one of the issues is that everyone is doing everything, there are no bus boys or wait staff, therefore everyone does nothing as they expect someone else to do it. It would almost work better if the guests cleaned up after themselves. About those snacks... There are no snacks, you get your three square meals and thats that. We are used to AI resorts that provide snacks by the pool and such. The pizza guy doesn't seem to work around 3pm, when we usually want a snack. The drinks were just as bad as the food. We didn't come to get drunk, but if booze is included you should be able to taste that its there. Everyone was ordering 'triples' at the bar, especially for the frozen drinks. The poor pool bartender needs a raise, one guy cannot keep up with 20+ people throwing orders at him, get the guy some help. And a short sleeve shirt! He was dripping in sweat in pants and long sleeves. I think this is a management issue. The staff works hard, who cares if they smile or not, they work from sun up to sun down. They have to be tired as the same person serves all three meals. The staff doesn't seem to have support on how to run the show, so everything is chaotic. I imagine the GM must sit up high in the hotel and twirl around in their chair laughing at how deceptive this operation is. Take note that this hotel has a 'favorite review' on TripAdvisor that stays on the first page, I've never seen that one before! In the end I begged my husband to leave a day early and flee to Anguilla. He begrudgingly agreed to leave the pre paid room. It wasn't the ideal way to spend our first anniversary, but we learned a lot about ourselves. In the end we were both ecstatic to be out of there and would never ever stay there again!

    Jul 17, 2019
  • 3.0 star tripadvisor rating
    10 days at Sonesta Maho, June/July

    We normally wait until the end to give praise to any staff but, as not to have them over shadowed I'll start with them. Most of the staff is wonderful and do their best to make your stay good. A few stand out names. In restaurant management, Pauline, Anthony, & Maxie. At the point, our waitress Gail. At the bars, Claudia, Paul, and Sheryl. There were many others but names escape me.     On to the review. I'll start by saying that we arrived knowing full well that the resort had just reopened in March and there would still be bugs to work out. Some of the bugs were unfortunately in a system that was also used by Ocean Point which had been open for some time. So I'll start with the bad.  The biggest challenge was making reservations. This is done on a kiosk in the lobby. If your choice of restaurant, date, and time are available, the reservation system tells you it's confirmed and then says it will email you a confirmation and if you do not receive an email to check with concierge. We tried this 4 times and never did we receive a confirmation email, nor did we end of having a reservation when arriving at the restaurant of choice. This is not saying we did not eat but, every reservation we received was argued or begged for. This proved to be the biggest of all of the challenges and the main reason for 3 stars.   Other small issues we could have lived with like, the maid leaving one towel for showers and nothing else. In any other AI resorts we have visited, if towels are hung, the maids are to leave them, if towels are on the floor, the maids are to take and leave new. All of our towels were hung. She took them all and left one new! Had to request more water in the fridge otherwise there was nothing replenished.  Food at the buffet was just OK at best and for most part lacking in flavor. Any dessert items were extremely lacking in flavor.   As I mentioned above, we like to give praise to the wonderful staff but, also call out staff that ruined our vacation vibe. We had the displeasure of meeting the most Unfriendly person on the Friendliest Island. Anna at customer service/concierge. When my wife and I inquired with her regarding reservations, she abruptly answered back, "Sir, If the kiosk did not work it's because there was nothing available." And proceeded to tell me off as I nicely tried to tell her that the system said the reservations were confirmed but did not email me. Then she insisted, "Well, did you take a photo of the confirmation screen for proof?" Wait, What??? Why would I even think to do that when the screen said I would be emailed. When I asked her if she could try to access the reservation system and see if anything could be done she said "NO! I can only make reservations for groups. Again, What? Let me talk to a manager please....... Sorry nobody is available. That seemed to be the answer to every management request.      Enough of the bad, lets move onto the good. Yes there was plenty of good to throw shade on that nasty individual.    I'll start with check in. The lovely ladies at the front desk made us feel very welcome upon check in. We were checked in by Kat. The horror stories you read about are probably those checking in on Thursdays when the large groups check in/check out from Sunwing. If we return we know better not to arrive or depart on a Thursday.   Rooms are newly renovated and comfortable. Our room faced the pool and there was not a problem hearing any construction. The A/C worked perfectly. Thought we were not going to like the wrist bands but it turned out to be the best idea ever since it's your room key. Mine never fell off in 10 days. My wife's did but they replaced it. The grounds are freshly planted with beautiful tropical plants and quickly growing and filling out. It will be stunning once grown. Property was fairly easy to navigate once you learned where everything was, including the resort restaurants which are actually out on the strip. We found this to be a nice touch. Speaking of the Strip. There is no need to go into Phillipsburg to shop. The Maho Strip has it all and at the same prices. Alcohol, Jewelry, souvenirs, etc. There is also a great little cafe (Cape Cafe) which is not associated with the resort but makes the best coffee and raisin bread rolls. Also on the strip is the Casino, and a few other restaurants and bars.      Back to the resort. As I stated before the buffet was a bit lacking. The 2 restaurants on the strip were very good, pizza was excellent but guests would grab whole pies and leave half behind on there plates. The Palm grill for lunch was a bit slow and nothing seemed to come out as described. We never tried the Palms at night for Lava rock cooking. The weekly barbecue on the beach was good. The Point restaurant was the best, when you were able to make reservations. Keep in mind that Ocean Point guests are able to share all of the Maho property including restaurants but Maho guests can not use the Ocean Point property.   Bars. The first thing that comes to mind is, Top Shelf. At all bars! That's not to say things did run out. But we had plenty of our share. Mint for Mojito's would run out but again, understandable. Plenty of other options. Available beers would change from day to day. House beer was Bavaria which wasn't all that bad. Waits could be long but mostly because guests would just scream out their order and not take into mind others were there first.       Entertainment. We never did get a chance to see the night time show at the casino. The small bands that would play at night at the Palms and at the Point were fun to listen to. I can't remember their names but one night there was a french guitar player and a girl. They were wonderful. Played a nice mix of tunes. They even played two songs for our anniversary and got us up to dance.    Off property. I'll start with Sunset beach bar. Yes, you've read all about it and watched the live cam. Go there, buy an overpriced warm beer, buy a t-shirt, then leave. Head across runway road to Driftwood bar. Ice cold beer ($3) (and if it wasn't cold they actually told you), great shots, and good food. Fresh red snapper was awesome. And the view of planes arriving and taking off was just as good.    Plenty of bars, restaurants, and shops on the strip. Oh and as mentioned above Cape Cafe for the best coffee and pastries. Coffee at the resort was horrible.      Great food is a short cab ride away in Simpson Bay at Skip Jacks and plenty of other options if your looking to break away from the AI food.    I'm sure it's adjusted by passengers and bags but our cab to and from the airport was just $10, Simpson Bay was $15 and Phillipsburg was $20. Ask first. I was told these are the standard prices. Just two of us. If you do take a ride to Phillipsburg and looking for Jewelry, go and see Mickey at Grand Jewelers. Super nice guy and great prices.    I'm sure I've missed a bunch of things and welcome anyone to private me about our experience or with any questions.      In closing I'd like to say, We sincerely hope the challenges we encountered at Sonesta Maho are looked into and corrected quickly. We really would love to return next year for a longer visit (maybe 2 weeks), but to pay that much money and have to beg for seats at restaurants? I'm not sure we want to do that. Our hope it that management really reads these reviews and addresses the challenges. Until next year (possibly) Cocotel251 & Misses Coco Drew & Elba 

    Jul 17, 2019
  • 3.0 star tripadvisor rating

    Upon arrival we were met with a long check-in line, but graciously were served water. Our room was luckily ready early, but we were not given any explanation about the services of the resort (ie. where things were, how to make reservations, etc.). We got to our room and it had just been cleaned, so the floor was still wet, which meant all the dirt from our shoes and luggage wheels got everywhere. No big deal. Our room and balcony faced the pool and ocean, so it was quite a site, especially to see the planes coming in. The room itself was quite nice, except for the constant foul odor emanating from the bathroom - we had to keep the door closed so the stench didn't permeate the entire room. The housekeeping service was fine - until one day we left a tip and a note asking to replenish the coffee and shower supplies (ie. body wash and shampoo). We returned for a long day at the beach just wanting a shower, and while the room was clean, there were NO towels, NO soap/shampoo and NO coffee. But they gladly took the tip. I had to chase down staff for some towels and coffee, and ended up using what little bar soap we had to wash. Shower amenities weren't replenished for a few hours - after multiple requests. The next morning we were met with NO WATER. Understand that they're still rebuilding, but c'mon. I will say that the food was pretty good, especially the lava plate and Jing's. But overall, the service was lacking...having to chase down people for utensils or beverages is not fun. The kiosk reservation system never really worked for us, so we were also constantly having to explain and beg for a table. The lines for breakfast were equally unacceptable, especially since there always seemed to be empty tables. The biggest complaint, and this is probably my fault for not doing my research, but the whole resort is party all the time loud. I was looking for peace and quiet and serenity, but this it was not. Luckily, we rented a car and were able to find really beautiful and quiet beaches (Cupe Coy right down the street), otherwise we would have been stuck in a place that we just didn't enjoy all that much. Speaking of cars and parking, the garage is a bit scary as they're using the ground floor for storage. Don't get me started on the crazy elevators - light says it's going down, but they always take you up, or the doors won't close, or there's no AC. There aren't any stairs to use either. Maho Beach is fun, and this resort could be good for those with kids or if you're looking for a lot of lively fun, but for a quiet relaxing trip, this isn't it.

    Jul 17, 2019
  • 1.0 star tripadvisor rating
    No Water ....No Towels...No Wash Cloths 🤯

    On the day of my arrival to the beautiful St. Maarten was not how I ever imagined it to be. Although I did enjoy the times I spent with my friends , my experience at the resort was just terrible and unacceptable. On the day of check in myself along with a few other guest on the trip did not have any towels or wash cloths in our room and was given a complimentary bottle of wine for the inconvenience ( how nice I guess 🙄) but this was the case for like 3 days. Yes 3 days no fresh towels and not a single wash cloth to shower with and when we tried the contact house keeping and guest services no one answered. Totally unacceptable! But wait there is more on the first night after a long day and night of hanging out I returned to my room and guess what the hotel had ran out of water !! Yeah you read that right WATER that we need to shower, wash our hands and flush our toilet etc. seemed to have vanished ( how does that happen I have no idea but it did) we did not have water that entire night just terrible I tell you.. now the most important part the FOOD... the food definitely had its days some days it was good some days it wasn’t ! this resort actually has potential to be good but I would recommend staying here her unless they make some major improvements in services and actually have some form of entertainment for their guest.

    Jul 16, 2019