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Vieques, Puerto Rico

Beauty is endless in the quaint Puerto Rican island of Vieques. In every direction you look, you’ll see the aqua-blue water peeking through the trees alongside the roads, lush mountains in the distance and the sweetest locals living their best, charming island lifestyle. This little island sits just eight miles to the east of Puerto Rico’s mainland, and is included in the small group of islands known as the Spanish Virgin Islands.

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What to Do

  • Playa Negra

    You’ll forget all about your favorite white sand beach the moment you step foot on Vieques’ black sand beach. It’s one of the most dramatic, yet breathtaking beaches in the region. The black sand comes from runoff that’s washed down onto the beach from volcanic areas around the island. This volcanic material gives visitors an unforgettable experience, that you definitely won’t want to miss!
  • Roadside Eats

    Travelers don’t always stop for roadside food… but when they do, it’s in Vieques for delicious homemade pernil—slow-roasted pork over red beans and rice. Stopping at roadside stands and food trucks is the best way to find tasty, authentic Puerto Rican cuisine. Puerto Ricans are often known for the pride they take in their local cuisine, and are always eager to share. Try the tostones, pinchos and pastillos, too!
  • Mosquito Bay

    Don’t let its name fool you—you’ll want to experience this! Located on the southern shore of Vieques is the world’s brightest recorded bioluminescent bay. This spectacular natural phenomenon happens when these little organisms, a species of dinoflagellates, are shaken or come into contact with another organism, causing them to illuminate into the incredible burst of bright blue light that brings people from all over the world to see.