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St. Kitts

As the larger of the two islands that comprise the nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, St. Kitts is the ideal destination for those looking for culture, adventure and relaxation. The lush mountains, paired with the beautiful blue waters, provide breathtaking landscapes every you look, and the capital city of Basseterre is filled with history, shopping and landmarks, like Independence Square. So, take in the views of the famous Cockleshell Bay and embrace the St. Kitts motto of “Limin’” (aka letting all your worries float away)!

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Best of St. Kitts

  • Mount Liamuiga

    Take a walk on the wild side of St. Kitts with a hike on Mount Liamuiga, St. Kitt’s dormant volcano. The 3,792-foot-tall mountain provides gorgeous views from the top, but a 3.5-mile hike uphill can be difficult for some. This is a true hike through the rainforest and is not for the lighthearted – it’s tough. Prepare to get muddy, wet and breathless (both from the hike and views). While this can be done alone, it’s recommended to secure a guide!
  • Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack

    For a true beach shack experience, head to Mr. X’s Shiggidy Shack, located on South Frigate Bay. The views, drinks and food (especially the fish tacos) are great but, make no mistake, this is literally a shack on the beach. Depending on the time and day, this charming beach spot offers live music and entertainment by local artists. Pro tip: make sure to wear bug spray.
  • Brimstone Hill Fortress

    As a military community and fort in the late 1700s, Brimstone Hill Fortress is one of the most amazing spots on St. Kitts. The whole area has a ton of interesting history and the views from the top of the fortress offer panoramic views of mountains, fields and neighboring islands. Seriously worth the climb to the top!