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Suva is the capital and largest metropolitan city of Fiji. Known for its immense history, beautiful buildings and prime location, Suva is the perfect destination for travelers looking for a city vibe while being close to the water! You can experience the beach and so much more with a trip to Suva!

Featured Resorts in Suva, Fiji

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  • Fiji Museum

    Explore everything Fiji has to offer dating back 3500 years! Located in the Thurston Garden, this small but mighty museum has a lot to offer. Don’t miss the collections of Tabuas and the Druas!
  • Dravuni Island

    Located a short drive from Suva, is the beautiful white sands of Dravuni Island. Enjoy regional cuisine and mingle with the locals as you stroll along the perfectly situated beaches. Enjoy a swim or just relax on the sand, either one will give you the most serene experience!
  • Visit Parliament

    What better way to get a feel for the people of Fiji than by visiting their parliament? Not only is it interesting to experience the historical side of it, but the building itself is beautiful. Grab your camera and get ready for a beautiful sight!