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Over 2,000 islands and cays make up The Bahamas. The name “Bahamas” comes from the Spanish words “baja mar,” meaning shallow water or sea. Grand Bahama Island and New Providence Island are the main two, with the majority of the remaining, smaller islands being known as the “Out Islands.” Along with having some of the clearest water on the planet, the Bahamas is home to tons of tropical vegetation and so much history.

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Best of The Bahamas

  • Pink Sand Beach

    The pink sand of Pink Sand Beach, on Harbour Island in the Bahamas is a sight like none other. The pink tint in the sand comes from Foraminifera, a microscopic marine animal with a bright pink or red shell. This is a natural phenomenon and at times, the sand will appear more or less pink than others.
  • Andros Barrier Reef

    Located on the Tongue of the Ocean, the Andros Barrier Reef measures 190 miles in distance and is the third largest fringing barrier reef in the world. The variety of underwater creatures is often referred to as a kaleidoscope because of the many varieties and colors.
  • Mount Alvernia

    On Cat Island you’ll find Mount Alvernia. This small mountain rises 63 meters (207ft) in altitude and is the highest peak in the Bahamas. At its peak is Como Hill where you’ll find The Hermitage, a beautifully detailed monastery. Grab your hiking boots and prepare for an experience unlike any other.