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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Vacation Packages (General)

Why should I purchase a vacation package instead of booking my flight and hotel separately?

By purchasing air, hotel, and activities with BeachBound, you are saving time as well as money. We combine airfare with negotiated hotel rates and optional activities and pass the savings to you. Booking a vacation package allows you to plan and purchase your entire trip in one convenient transaction.

What reservation transactions can I make online?

The website enables you to search for flight and hotel availability, create your travel itinerary, email an itinerary, and confirm a reservation. You can also use the help/customer service section to retrieve and review your online reservation.

For additional information, you can also contact us at 1-855-592-3224. Vacation planning assistance is available every day from 9am-12am EST. For help with your current reservation, contact us Monday-Saturday from 9am-7pm EST.

What are promotion codes, and how do I use them?

BeachBound creates promotion codes to reward you with a specific discount amount, a percent discount, free or discounted items. You receive promotion codes through promotional emails, mailings, ads, or listed in the deals section of our site. Type the promotion code exactly as it appears in the promo code field in the vacation search tool.

If you receive an error message when using a promotion code, please use the following tips:

  • Check the promotion code's restrictions for valid flight service, destinations, and travel date range.
  • Check your spelling or capitalization of the promotion code. The promotion code must appear the same as the advertised version when you enter it.

If you continue to experience difficulties using the promotion code, contact us at 1-855-592-3224.

How important are the Terms and Conditions?

If you purchase a vacation online, you are subject to the Terms and Conditions. The Terms and Conditions are extremely important. They outline BeachBound’s policies and procedures. We encourage you to read through them carefully. By confirming your reservation, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. For more information, click Terms and Conditions at the bottom of each screen.

Can I email others or myself my vacation itinerary before I confirm?

You can click email at the bottom of the package summary screen during the booking process to email yourself an itinerary quote before you confirm the reservation. This email includes the itinerary details for the vacation package you created. It is not a confirmation; the inventory and price are not confirmed and are subject to change at any time.

Can I book a reservation with any name?

At the time of booking, you need the correct name and date of birth of everyone who is traveling. Most airline tickets cannot be changed without fees and often require a new ticket to be purchased. Also, when booking an all-inclusive resort, the resort requires names of guests enjoying the property. If you need to change a name, please contact us at 1-855-592-3224.

Booking flights

What is value air?

Value air is a special flight, filled exclusively with other vacationers traveling to the same destination. Most of these flights are non-stop, and in many cases, are the only non-stop option to your destination from your departure city. 

Will I earn frequent flyer miles?

Eligibility for earning frequent flyer miles is determined by the rules and restrictions of the selected airline’s frequent flyer program.

Why did different flight times return than what I entered?

When you search for specific departure or return times using the advanced search option, the website returns flight times based on the following criteria: first, it searches for the best priced flights. Then, it arranges those best-priced flights in order of the closest time to what you selected in the time preference menus for both departure and return.

Please note that if your preferred time does not appear, it may be that the air carriers do not have flights available that match your specified times.

If I book a flight with my vacation package, how do I reserve my seat assignments?

During the vacation booking process, you may be offered the option to reserve your seat assignments. If you choose not to reserve them at the time of booking, seats will automatically be assigned to you when available. Seat assignments will be printed on your electronic travel documents. Seats selected at time of booking are subject to change and based on airline availability.

Is it possible to upgrade to a first-class seat (if available)?

To see if first-class options are available on your flight, please contact us at 1-855-592-3224. If first-class seats are requested after booking, a fee may be associated. You may also request seat upgrades at the airport for an additional charge.

How do I book an infant?

According to airline regulations, an "infant" is a child under the age of two. Infants do not require an airline seat and can sit on the lap of an adult traveler while flying ("lap child"). If an infant is traveling with you and you do not purchase a seat for the infant, select the number of children traveling with you and then select IN from the drop-down menu that appears for the children's age.

For some international destinations, additional taxes may apply when you include an infant on the reservation. The airline may also issue a ticket for the infant traveler.

I would like my infant to have his/her own seat, how should I book it?

In the build your vacation search tool, select the number of children traveling with you and then select 1 as the age of the infant from the drop-down menu that appears.

Booking hotels and features

How do I book more than one room for a vacation?

You may book up to four (4) rooms and up to eight (8) travelers per reservation. To add more than one room to your reservation online, select the advanced search options within the build your vacation search tool. Under the return date information is a drop-down box for the number of rooms you would like on your reservation. Select the appropriate number of rooms and then select the number of adults and children for each room. BeachBound will then automatically search and display hotels that are able to accommodate the number of people requested for each room. You can also choose to upgrade individual rooms when making your reservation online.

For additional assistance, please contact us at 1-855-592-3224.

How do I make special room requests?

If you need to make a special room request, please complete a contact form or reach out to us at 1-855-592-3224.

Do you accommodate physically challenged travelers?

Our extensive hotel descriptions outline the number of available adaptive rooms a hotel or resort offers. Click on the name of a hotel at any point in the booking system to review the hotel description for that property. If you need to request special arrangements for a physically challenged traveler, please contact us at 1-855-592-3224.

What does All-Inclusive (AI) or European Plan (EP) mean?

Many Mexican and Caribbean resorts offer a European Plan and/or an All-Inclusive plan. A European Plan hotel rate does not include any meals or beverages. An All-Inclusive hotel rate includes all meals, beverages, and some activities. All-Inclusive plans do vary, so please check the specific hotels for details. A Breakfast-included plan includes breakfast each morning at the resort.

Pricing vacation packages

How do I know what the vacation price includes?

When you search for a vacation package, the availability prices always include the combined hotel and flight prices, any selected add-on prices, and all applicable air and hotel taxes and fees. The website does not add any surprise taxes or fees to the air and hotel vacation prices when you confirm the reservation. You may use the link at the bottom of the package summary screen to view a detailed breakdown of the amount of taxes/fees related to your vacation.

Note: car prices do not include local state taxes, which are paid upon arrival at the car rental location at the airport in the destination. Car prices do not include extra day charges. Extra day charges may apply if your return flight is one hour (or more) later then the scheduled drop-off time for your rental car.

How far from my intended travel date can I price a vacation?

Normally, you can search for a vacation 330 days prior to departure. There may be some exceptions to this rule. Please try different date options if your vacation search is not successful.

When I checked the vacation price yesterday it was lower than it is today. Why?

When you price a BeachBound package, you are viewing live inventory. Because prices are based on many factors, including availability of rooms/room types, flights and demand for the packages, prices can fluctuate, even within minutes. As it is not uncommon for prices to fluctuate, BeachBound suggests that you check out different flights or alternate dates for a lower fare that is still available. The only way to secure a vacation price is to apply payment (in full or a deposit) towards the booking.

Does BeachBound price match?

BeachBound will price match when the same hotel or same hotel + flight package is found on a competitor’s website at time of booking or within 24 hours after the reservation is complete. At time of booking, please contact us at 1-855-592-3224 with the competitor’s pricing. To request a price match within 24 hours of booking, please email

Payment information

Does BeachBound offer a deposit program?

Yes, BeachBound does offer a deposit program. Deposit bookings may only be made over the phone. Online bookings require 100% payment at time of booking. To make a deposit on a vacation, a deposit of the total price of airfare, plus 10% of the total hotel price, plus travel protection (if purchased) will be required at the time of booking. For land only reservations, a deposit of 30% of the total hotel price, plus travel protection (if purchased) will be required at the time of booking. The remaining balance must be paid in full 21 days prior to departure.

What is the Uplift Payment Option?

A third party provider, UpLift, offers an affordable plan of 12 monthly payments based on the date you purchased your vacation package. It has the industry best interest rate based on your credit score with no hidden fees. UpLift has a quick and easy checkout, automatically charges your loan payments and will even send you monthly notices via text message when it charges you. This service is another way to help you take advantage of more great travel packages and you can choose this option when you are building your vacation. Visit UpLift’s Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more.

Are payments processed on a secure server? How do I know?

Yes, all BeachBound payments process through a secure server. You know the server is secure by the little closed lock that appears at the top of the web browser window. You can also see the secure URL displayed briefly on the bottom left of the screen immediately after you click complete booking.

What taxes and fees do I have to pay?

Taxes and fees can include airport facility charges, federal taxes, state taxes, and government fees. The complete vacation package determines the fees and surcharges. The website includes these fees in all vacation prices that appear on the selection screens. When you search using the vacation search tool, the prices you see in availability include the air and hotel taxes and fees when you book online. In some foreign destinations, there may also be additional nominal fees not included in the vacation package price. These fees are due upon arrival and must be paid at the airport before departure. For a listing of these fees, see the Terms and Conditions.

Can I use more than one credit card to apply payment?

Yes. You can use up to four different credit cards for payment at the time of booking.

What happens when the website rejects a credit card?

The website rejects a credit card if the information is entered incorrectly, the credit card is invalid, or the credit card exceeds its limit. If one of these situations occurs, you immediately receive an error message. Contact us at 1-855-592-3224 for assistance.

When I try to confirm my online booking, at the end of the reservations process it says that my address cannot be verified. Why?

Our system can only recognize your address if you enter it exactly as it appears on your credit card billing statement. Please refer to your credit card billing statement and try entering your address again. If you continue to receive the "cannot verify address" message, contact us at 1-855-592-3224 for assistance.

How do I know my reservation is confirmed?

Your reservation is complete if a confirmation number appears at the top of the Reservation Confirmation screen, after you click Complete Booking. It may take several minutes for the Reservation Confirmation screen to appear. Remember to press Complete Booking only one time, and do not stop the transaction prior to receiving your confirmation number. If you stop the transaction or click the back button and then click Complete Booking again, you may incur double charges on your credit card.

How do I find information on my insurance policy?

To look up your insurance policy or to contact AON directly, click here.

Reservation Questions

How can I get a copy of the confirmation or my travel itinerary?

When you confirm an online reservation, the website automatically sends you an email confirmation to the email address you entered on the checkout screen. In addition, within three days or less of full payment, BeachBound sends a travel itinerary to the email address you provided. The travel itinerary can include confirmation numbers for hotel reservations and car rentals, destination information, dining options, contact information, and BeachBound policies. To find your confirmation or itinerary online, sign in to “My Account” and click “Retrieve Reservation.” If you require another travel itinerary due to lost email or email address change, please contact us at 1-855-592-3224.

How do I modify my confirmed online reservation?

You cannot modify your confirmed online reservation online. To make changes to the reservation, complete the contact form or reach out to us at 1-855-592-3224.

Can I add passengers to a confirmed reservation?

You cannot add passengers to a confirmed reservation online. Please contact us at 1-855-592-3224 to assist you in changing your reservation and the conditions of the purchase.

How do I cancel my online reservation?

Contact us at 1-855-592-3224 to cancel your reservation and request a refund based on the terms and conditions of the vacation package or click “Cancel Reservation” in “My Account.” Once cancelled online, a refund can be requested.

Important! Check the terms and conditions at the bottom of any screen to review BeachBound’s cancellation policies and penalties before you cancel a reservation.

How do I request a refund?

Contact us at 1-855-592-3224 to cancel your reservation and request a refund or click “Request a Refund” once booking is cancelled online.

Where can I find information regarding cancellation penalties?

You can click on the terms and conditions on the checkout screen to review BeachBound cancellation policies.

What if there is a problem while I'm on vacation?

If you experience a problem while on vacation, please contact us at 1-855-592-3224.

What is a record locator number?

A record locator number is a code, typically 6 characters, used in airline reservation systems to access a specific airline record/flight.

How do I get my record locator/confirmation on JetBlue, Air Tran or Spirit Airlines?

Certain airlines assign a separate record locator to your itinerary up to 24-hours after booking. This means, you will need to have your confirmation email resent. Please sign in here and use the same email and password that was entered at time of booking.

Departure Questions

How early should I arrive at the airport?

On the day of travel, please check the airline website or call the airline directly to reconfirm flight times. Recommended airport check in will begin 2 hours prior to departure for domestic flights and 3 hours prior to departure for international flights.

What can I bring through security?

For the most up-to-date information on prohibited and permitted items, please visit the Transportation Security Administration website.

What are the checked baggage requirements?

Many airlines have a policy of charging travelers for checked baggage. Those charges are payable directly to the airline at the time of check-in; they are not included in the price of your vacation. Click Additional Baggage Charges from the top of the flight availability page to view current baggage fees and requirements.

What forms of personal identification do I need when I depart?

When you travel, you are required to provide identification to verify your identity as well as that of any of your traveling companions.

For domestic travel (inside the U.S.), travel to Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands, you need to carry a non-expired government-issued photo ID that matches the name on the reservation.

For international travel, U.S. citizens must have a valid government-issued passport. Married or divorced women, who travel under any name other than that printed on their documentation, must supply a marriage license and/or divorce decree (a copy is acceptable). In addition, special requirements apply to children traveling with only one parent or without parents. For some international travel, countries may not permit entry without a valid return ticket and/or visa or other documentation. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you are responsible for determining the travel requirements for each country on your itinerary. Please contact the local embassy or consulate for travel requirements and more information.

How do I check-in for my flights?

In most cases, you can check-in for flight 24-hours prior to departure on the airline website, using your record locator, which you will find in your confirmation documents. If you booked a “value air” flight, check-in at the airline counter at the airport.

What if my flight is delayed or I miss my flight/connection?

If you miss your flight or connection, visit the airline’s customer service desk at the airport. Keep in mind, changes and cancellations to flights can only be made by the airline. If you experience delays that will cause you to arrive to your resort later than expected, contact us at 1-855-592-3224.

In-Destination Questions

How do I find my transfer at the airport when I arrive?

Most transfer companies will meet you directly outside of the airport, once you go through customs (if applicable). The company will be holding a sign with BeachBound, as well as the transfer company name. The specifics of your transfer information can be found in your confirmation documents.

How do I schedule my return transfer in-destination?

Most transfer companies will have a representative available at your resort and will provide instructions for scheduling return transfers upon arrival to your resort.

Is tipping required at an all-inclusive resort?

Generally, tipping is not required at all-inclusive resorts. However, tipping resort staff is up to you.

Post-Travel Questions

How do I tell you about my trip?

Once you return from your vacation, BeachBound will send you a survey email, requesting information and a review of your trip. You can also tell us about your experience on the BeachBound social channels.

Issues, Errors, and Support

I forgot my password. What do I do?

If you forget your password, BeachBound can send you a reminder via email by following the steps below:

  1. Click Retrieve a Reservation on the search navigation bar, ‘Forgot your password?’ link.

  2. Enter your reservation number and then click on the link to have your password emailed to you.

  3. BeachBound will email your sign in credentials to the email address you entered when you confirmed your reservation.

My computer uses a pop-up blocker. Will this affect how I use this website?

A "pop-up blocker" is software your computer uses to disable any advertisements or windows that may appear when you use the Internet. This website uses some pop-ups to provide additional information and to allow you to email travel itineraries. However, you can still confirm reservations, even if your computer uses a pop-up blocker.

When I try to price or book a vacation online, I receive an error message. What should I do?

If you receive an error message, the system may be busy or if there may be other network communication problems. If you receive an error, attempt the action again in a few minutes or at a time when the system might be less busy.

If you continue to receive an error message after several attempts, you can complete the contact form or reach out to us at 1-855-592-3224. Vacation planning assistance is available every day from 9am-12am EST. For help with your current reservation, contact us Monday-Saturday from 9am-7pm EST.

Who do I contact if I need support or personal assistance?

If you need assistance before your trip, complete the contact form or reach out to us at 1-855-592-3224 or complete the contact form. If you need assistance during or after your trip, complete the contact form or reach out to us at 1-855-592-3224.

Weather-Related Questions

Do I get a refund if my trip was cancelled due to weather events?  

If you purchased insurance, please check your policy and reach out to the insurance provider for details. Otherwise, BeachBound will issue a voucher, less any applicable penalties, to be used for future travel. Either way, be sure to cancel your trip if you do not intend to travel.

There’s a storm forecasted during my upcoming trip. What do I do?

You can cancel your trip or try to reschedule your vacation dates. However, trip cancellations/changes may be subject to airline change/cancellation penalties. The airlines will often relax their penalties or waive them completely, depending on the travel dates and the projected path of the storm. Check the Travel Advisory section of the airline’s website to determine if you qualify. Hotels may also waive penalties for cancellation during named storms, specifically hurricane warnings. Once you have determined you want to cancel or change your reservation, contact us at 1-855-592-3224.