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Connecting Central and South America, Panama boats so much diversity, ideal for almost every traveler. From the skyscrapers and unique culture of Panama City to the stunning beaches of the outer islands, Panama offers every landscape imaginable.

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Best of Panama

  • Panama City

    Known for the incredible Panama Canal, Panama City is the most popular spot in this destination. Enjoy a blend of modern and traditional architecture in the bustling city and on the cobble-stone streets of Old Town. Plus, Panama City hosts the only protected area within city limits in all of Central America, the Metropolitan Natural Park.
  • The Islands

    While Panama is unique in every way, a trip to the outer islands is required to see beautiful beaches. The barely inhabited San Blas Islands are home to some of the most pristine beaches in Central America, while the Bocas del Toro Islands are the most popular, largely due to the impressive beaches. Coiba Island is another must-see! Three quarters of the largest island in Central America is covered by lush forest (the rest is gorgeous beach), so the natural blend of vegetation and ocean is indescribable!
  • Panama Wildlife

    A trip to Panama means tons of wildlife sightings. A variety of monkey breeds inhabit the island, as well as the most bird and tree species in all of North America. We can’t forget about the many sloths in the area, too! Darien National Park is home to jaguars and the rare giant anteater but, to tour this nearly impenetrable park, you must have a permit, as it’s not for the faint-hearted. Off land, humpback whales frequent the area between July and October, as well as killer whales and other large creatures!